Forestry - Tree plantation management

3D photomesh and orthomosaic of bluegum tree plantation.


Small Drone Mapping 101

The Aero Scout shares his experiences with UAV mapping and 3D models.


Alkimos Beach - 3D Photomesh and Orthomosaic

Alkimos beach aerial survey to produce a 3D photomesh and orthomosaic.


Chestnut Brae - Farm planning map

Demonstrating how drone imagery can be used as a base for effective farm planning.


Small Construction Site - 3D Photomesh and Orthomosaic

UAV aerial survey of a construction site to produce a 3D photomesh and orthomosaic.

Lake Ballard - Aerial Filming

Lake Ballard - Aerial Filming

Family camping trip to Lake Ballard to see Anthony Gormley's 'Inside Australia' meant that Jas had to take his Walkera QR X350 Pro along to use it for some FPV quadcopter flying and grab some sunset shots .... hope you enjoy. A big 'gday' to Gill and Helen who we met at the lake and shared a wonderful sunset with.