Drone Structure Scan - Derelict Cottage

Detailed 3D model of and old derelict cottage in Midvale.


Small Drone Mapping 101

The Aero Scout shares his experiences with drone mapping and 3D models.


Arthur River Mt Pleasant Kitchen - 3D drone structure scan

3D model of the heritage building Mt Pleasant Kitchen in Arthur River.


Chestnut Brae - Farm planning map in Nannup

Demonstrating how drone imagery can be used as a base for effective farm planning.


Drone Structure Scan - Heritage Lighthouse

Drone structure scan of the heritage South Mole Lighthouse in Fremantle.

Contours for Civil Design

3D model of site - The area that needs to be surveyed is the field just below the circular storage units

Mission Summary

  • Goal: Use drone scanning to create contours to assist in the design of an emergency hardstand.
  • Tech: DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Drone Deploy
  • Conditions: Afternoon, sunny, moderate wind
  • Outcome: This proved to be an extremely effective way of gathering elevation data and converting that into contours to help Civil Designers plan an emergency hardstand area. 
High resolution orthomosaic of the existing site plus the field below where the emergency handstand is to be constructed 

With the elevation gradient it's much easier to understand the levels and slope of the area

The contours that were used by the Civil Designers for use in software such as AutoCAD and 12D 
Part of the final design

This has been another 'drone adventure' in aerial surveying, inspection and mapping by The Aero Scout.