Drone Structure Scan - Derelict Cottage

Detailed 3D model of and old derelict cottage in Midvale.


Small Drone Mapping 101

The Aero Scout shares his experiences with drone mapping and 3D models.


Arthur River Mt Pleasant Kitchen - 3D drone structure scan

3D model of the heritage building Mt Pleasant Kitchen in Arthur River.


Chestnut Brae - Farm planning map in Nannup

Demonstrating how drone imagery can be used as a base for effective farm planning.


Drone Structure Scan - Heritage Lighthouse

Drone structure scan of the heritage South Mole Lighthouse in Fremantle.


Drone Structure Scan - Pool

Drone structure scan of a brand new (unfilled) pool using a DJI Spark and photogrammetry processing with AgiSoft PhotoScan.

Mission Summary

  • Goal: To drone scan residential pool before it was filled with water to test drone scanning ability to re-create smooth pool surface.
  • Tech: DJI Spark, Agisoft PhotoScan
  • Conditions: Later afternoon, sunny, moderate wind
  • Outcome: The virtual model of the pool was flawless, even using a drone as basic as a DJI Spark.

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This has been another 'drone adventure' in aerial surveying, inspection and mapping by The Aero Scout.