More auto tuning

After my last adventure discovering the in's-and-out's of auto-tuning I contacted my mate in Canadia DWGSparky for advice on taming the Skywalker X5 and getting it 'tuned'.

As always he had lots and lots of advice, I soon learnt that the auto-tuning was one of the most important parts of setting up the APM functions and that sometimes they can take quite a while to get right.

Armed with my new found knowledge I set back to the flying field, this time with Stu to help monitor Mission Planner.

Unfortunately we had the same troubles as last week. After many tests the auto-tune mode of virtually unresponsive and the RTL would send the X5 into a terminal death dive.

Frustrated I gave up flying for the morning and sat back drinking my iced coffee watching the other boyz fly. At least the scenery was calming.