X350P - Mode testing

Testing the different modes on the QR X350 Pro
Tonight was a good night for testing the three different (pre-set) modes on my Walkera QR X350 Pro. The three modes are;

1 - Manual; in this mode it is all up to you to control everything about the quad, pitch, roll, yaw and altitude It's a tricky mode to fly in, however it also gives the operator more freedom as bank angles are not restricted and the speed you can fly the quad is much greater.
2 - Position hold; this is a stabilised mode where you can still fly around however the quad will try to hold altitude and is restricted in it's bank angle and therefore speed, if you let the handset sticks go the quad will auto level. This is excellent for learning to fly or for taking aerial footage.
3 - Return to Land (RTL); flick the switch for this mode and the quad will automatically (all by itself) stop whatever it is doing, hover, climb to a preset height of about 10m and then slowly bring itself back to the location that you first turn it on at, it will then slowly descend and land .... it's amazing to watch!

See video below of the three different modes in action.