Chestnut Brae - Orchard mappping

Mission Summary

  • Goal:  Scouting a chestnut orchard and producing an aerial orthomosaic map
  • Tech: Walkera Tali H500 hexacopter drone, GoPro 4 actioncam, Droid Planner 2, Photoscan and Microsoft ICE, Event38 DDMS
  • Conditions: Late afternoon, warm and 5 knots from south west
  • Outcome: It's difficult to produce an orthomosaic of an orchard, also, sloping ground makes it even tougher to create an accurate 3 model. GPS coordinates embedded into the EXIF data in the images is essential. 

For this project I'm experimenting with scouting and creating a basic orthomosaic map of a chestnut orchard. For this mission I am borrowing a mate's GoPro4 to see how it performs with the new Feiyu Tech 3D Pro gimbal.

An aerial view of the orchard about to be scouted with the Tali H500 

The flight plan created in Tower app for the aerial mapping mission of the chestnut orchard 

Stitched photos from GoPro to create this basic orthomosaic of the chestnut orchard

This has been another 'drone adventure' in aerial surveying, inspection and mapping by The Aero Scout.
Location: Carlotta WA 6275, Australia