Derelict Chicken Treat

Drone Structure Scan - Derelict Chicken Treat

Drone Structure Scan of a derelict fast food building in Midvale, Perth using a Mavic Pro and processing with Metashape.

Mission Summary

  • Goal: To recreate an accurate model of a bulkhead roof structure with multiple vertical faces and thin edges
  • Tech: DJI Mavic Pro, Agisoft Metashape
  • Conditions: Midday, stormy and windy
  • Outcome: A detailed model was created, I just need to improve of the fidelity around the eaves and 'under surfaces'.
I thought I would continue my 'derelict' themed scanning for this month. When I was in my 20's I used to visit this fast food establishment, there actually used to be a movie cinema and a food hall on the same site, all gone now.

The fascination with this site was the vertical faces and re-creating a great model of them, also a tree close by and a barbed wire fence containing the subject all add up to a flying challenge I was keen for.
Robust and versatile, the good ole Mavic Pro is still an excellent scanning drone, even in stormy and windy conditions 

The deep vertical faces on the inside of the roof structure  

Using both an outside-in orbit plus and inside-out circle was key to achieving good detail on the roof
The detail of the inside vertical faces of the roof bulkhead and the mechanical equipment has been capture well 

The screen wall for the service area at the rear of the building was also re-created to a good level of detail. The 'bubbling'around the top of the wall is where the rings of razor wire are, unfortunately the processing couldn't generate a solid from it

Achieving a crisp recreation of the eaves is always a challenge. The Mavic Pro has a small ángle up' feature for the camera however in this case the barbed wire fence enclosed the flight path too much and getting a good angle on the eaves almost impossible. You can also see in the lower centre-right of the image some the perimeter fence that was not well modelled.

The detail for the roof is so good that it is clear it could really do with a clean of it's gutters. :)
Enjoy the orbit of the finished 3D model or click in the screen below to explore it in more depth. Processing was achieved using a medium quality setting in Agisoft Metashape on my laptop.

This has been another 'drone adventure' in aerial surveying, inspection and mapping by The Aero Scout.
Location: Midvale WA 6056, Australia