Skywalker X5 first test flight

The big first launch
The build was finished and I'd done a few static tests at home, now it was time for the real deal. Testing grounds are a large public open space reserve in Woodbridge. Conditions where great, 7am, 12km/hr wind from SE. We had Cam as the cameraman and Stu as the launcher.

Basic setup
I was quite anxious about this launch as on the forums a lot of Skywalker X5 users had complained about troubles with 'torque roll' on take-off. Also (on the forums) a lot of users had complained about stability issues and the poor flight characteristics of this airframe.
We completed two glide tests (no power) and she flew great. Stu and I discussed the torque roll issue prior to take-off and decided a half throttle launch would give us the best chance of limiting any adverse roll. We also decided that if she didn't have enough thrust to take-off on half throttle that I'd kill the power, glide her down and then we'd start again. I've had too many wing overs on take-off with other airframes to risk it on this one.
Well, I'm not sure if the guys on the forums got it wrong or I just got it right because she took off with stacks of authority, dead straight and no signs of a torque roll. :)

The boys before the flight
Whilst I had her balanced correctly (to the 260mm CoG point) she still felt a little nose heavy, needed constant up elevator to stay level. However she was very slick in the air and flew really quite fast (for me anyway) even on 2/3 throttle. I was very nervous flying her as she would quickly fly to the edges of visual range. Despite being nervous we managed to have 2 successful launches and test flights, landings were fast but on an acute angle so the airframe handled them very well.
Overall I don't think I could have asked for a better maiden test flight. Thanks to Cam and Stu for their help and guidance on the day. I also need to thank Ted for his guidance with the build and sorting out the twisted elevon.  
Before next flight I'd like to try balancing her with a more rearward CoG and she how she handles then. Also with the full white colour scheme I found it hard to tell her orientation in the air, especially with her moving so fast. So I'll paint the winglets to see if that helps.

Maiden launch of the Skywalker X5