Dialling in the reflex

Reflex added to the wing in the form of a 10mm up elevator mechanical trim setting 
Following the troubles I had with my maiden flight, Ted suggested that instead of changing the trust angle or the CoG that I should add some reflex to the wing ...... I said do what?!

Apparently all flying wings inherently want to tumble AoT because the CoP is behind the CoG. In order to stop this from happening you need to add an extra downward moment to the wing in order to get it to fly level, ie just what the tail section of a standard config airframe would do. If the aircraft designer has done his job well then this will already be part of the aerofoil, however as is the case with most models this does not happen and it's up to the pilot to add mechanical up trim.

So I grabbed to ruler and the allen key, loosened the control horn and adjusted the elevators so that they both had 10mm of up trim as their neutral position.

The plan now is to fly the Skywalker X5 and see how much electronic trim is required to get it to fly stable and then from there we'll adjust the mechanical trim again.

We will sort this out on the next flight along with developing a solid launching technique, I can't expect Stu to be available to launch her for me every time I want to go for a fly. :)