Replacing the control rods

The new updated control rods and connections for the Skywalker X5
I have been chatting with David from Air-Vision-Air this last week or so and his biggest tip for setting up the Skywalker X5 well was to replace the control rods!

So I placed my order with HobbyKing, waited a week for it to arrive and today had the time to both switch over the plastic gear servos for new metal ones as well as upgrade the control rods and connections.

I may have gone a little overboard, it all seems to be very heavy duty now compared to what I originally had. That said, geez the control inputs are rock solid now, there is absolutely no 'slop', which is what I had previously. I'm looking forward to taking the X5 out now and seeing the difference.

Thanks David for your advice.

Rock solid control input now, now 'slop' between the servo arm and the elevon control horn