Gazebo - 3D Mesh

Autodesk Recap 360 photomesh of the Maylands gazebo
Harry and I popped out for a lunchtime adventure today ..... picnic bag and quad in tow. I spotted a cute little park that had both a playground and a gazebo by the water that I thought would make a nice photogrammetry project. It was a little windy (10knots) and was hard to keep the quad steady, but at least we ended up with a photo mesh. It's only a basic result but it gives me something to work from and hone my skills controlling the quad in order to get well framed shots. Here is my first attempt at photogrammetry using my Walkera QR X350 Pro, GoPro 2 (hard mounted) and Autodesk Recap 360.

QR X350 Pro first photogrammetry - the gazebo  

Harry  stretching up before the big photogrammetry mission