Pump Station - 3D Mesh (V2)

Pump Station - 3D Mesh (V2)
QR X350 Pro vantage point on Pump Station photogrammetry mission
Today I returned to the Pump Station to try my luck on another photogrammetry mission. It was overcast so I thought it would make a better day for aerial photos. they certainly were better than the first attempt, much less shadow and sun glare. I was much methodical in taking the photos this time and I followed the quad around the pump station to make sure it was aligned for each shot.

Autodesk ReCap 360 is very easy to use. Follow their guidelines when taking the photos, upload them to site, sit back and wait for the render to finish. You can go back into the interface and manually manipulate the images to realign any that could not be meshed automatically.

That said I feel that I am still only getting 'basic' results. The mesh is very messy under the eaves of the roof and this causes problems with the textures on the walls. I am using the free version of ReCap 360 and it limits the total amount of images it will import for each project to 50. I'm not sure if this is too few (even for a small project like this) or whether I need to persevere with refining my methodology, choosing an easier subject to model and stabilise the camera more.

I'll continue to see what I can do using the free version a little longer before looking at seeing what the paid version can do to improve my results.

See the video of the mission here;

This has been another 'drone adventure' in aerial surveying, inspection and mapping by The Aero Scout.