Basic aeros - testing the flight envelope

Stu and Jas prepping for the flight

Under Stu's guidance I thought I'd run through a few 'basic aeros' today, both to increase my flying skills and test the flight envelope of the Skywalker X5. I have no carbon fibre spars reinforceing my wings so I was interested to see just what they could take.

I wasn't sure how we were going to go as I have very minimal throws on my controls (20%) and I haven't setup dual rates.

Doing a loop was no problems at all, she handled that just fine. However I tried doing a roll and that didn't work, all I got from that was a wingover and a steep bank towards the ground! I might try again next week and this time I'll program in dual rates and test the high rates out.

So I called it quits and decided a few loops would be good enough for me, a successful morning of flying is a tick in the box for me.

Setting up for a loop with the Skywalker X5