Beefing up the motor mount

The beefed up motor mount just prior to installation
I've had one too many 'poor launches' which have sent the Skywalker X5 cartwheeling across the field, this has resulted in the top screws being ripped out of the motor mount!

The broken Skywalker X5 motor mount
I guess it was inevitable, whilst the bulkhead for the motor mount glues well to the airframe, the bulkhead it's self is only a thin piece of ply. I expect only one or two screw threads to be gripping the ply and the rest are just sitting in the foam.

Anyway, I decided to 'beef' it all up with a set of longer screws, wall plugs and metal washers and have glue four wall plugs into the foam and have used longer screws.

Hopefully the combination of the new beefed up motor mount and successful launches in future will mean that I have no more problems.

The components used to reinforce for the Skywalker X5 motor mount 
Wall plugs, longer screws and metal washers, all part of the new motor mount