Takeoff and Landing Tests

Skywalker X5 initial flight testing
Cousin Tye dropped in today on his way from Alice Springs to Bunbury ..... so it was a good excuse to go for a fly.

Wind was a westerly at a gentle 10km/h today. Today we trimmed the Skywalker X5 up a little more and practiced hand launching as well as landings.

First off the X5 seemed a little tough to trim but we persisted for a few minutes and in the end she flew straight and stable. I'm still getting used to her speed. Landings were straight forward although I can probably come in with less airspeed.

Overall I was very happy with the flight testing, I'm getting more confident with the X5's handling and my abilities. Next time will focus on hand launches and landings again but see if we can test stalls and spins as well.

Successful hand launch

Launch, circuit, go-round and landing

Last landing of the day